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Quality Driven Approach

Quality is a deep routed action by each individual at V-Ensure. Company’s core management and including the team have a highest point of involvement for Quality in day-to-day functions of business. The focus of quality is exhibited not only through the performance areas of Dossier Development but also through a Physical Characteristics of the organization.

The facility is designed and built with Modular Concepts and our Dossier Development is based on the QbD. The uncompromising measure of Quality is reflected into Drug Development, Analytics, Technology Transfer, Data Compilation and Query Response.

Quality at V-Ensure is a derivation of experience and knowledge possessed by the Core Management and the team at operational level. Quality remains a Start & End Point at V-Ensure.

Project Management

A dedicated Project Management team stands constant during the development to validation stage provides greater quality and confidence measures with speed of execution.

One of the transitional factors in recent times for any Contract Development Organization (CDO) is the Project Management. V-Ensure could envision the need and criticality of Project Management Approach in the fields of CDO business. It not only provides a Competitive Advantage to our Clients but also builds sustainable growth for us.

At V-Ensure, Project Management is not a Service but a Business Process. It is an integrated approach that helps us to adopt the culture and business practices of our Clients during the Development and Technology Transfers. As a result, a lot of our projects are extended with their service range by satisfying Clients’ expectations.

Data Management & Protection

This has been a growing criteria and preference among the Clients to outsource Dossier Development to a CDO offering high protection and efficient management of proprietary Pharmaceutical Data. V-Ensure have installed an In-house Server from its business inception to store the data of each client providing high reliance and smooth working relationship.

The Data Management System is secured with top of the line hardware and customized software. Every single scientist operates a Virtual Computer Screen post generation of Formulation & Analytical Data in the laboratory. The computer terminals used by all the scientists are virtual at V-Ensure and has Zero Defect & Zero Leakage of proprietary information of our Clients.

Customized Services

Fee-For-Service Development

Market dynamics and customized needs are measured constantly at V-Ensure. Under Fee-for-Service, we take responsibilities of Clients’ basic need as following:

  • Formulation Development as per QbD
  • Non-infringing Formula
  • Stability Studies
  • Analytical Development & Validation
  • Coordination with CRO and Technology Transfer at CMO or Mfg. Site
  • Query Response with Regulatory Agencies

Turn-key Dossier Development

Several projects at V-Ensure run with an End-to-End approach. Besides our Dossier Development work, we entirely manage the activities with CRO, CMO and API Suppliers and bring the project upto Dossier Filing stage for our Clients in the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.

More than 15 such projects are successfully completed on Turn-key bases. Our high operational bandwidth provides high success rates with time management.